What We Provide

The Approach

Operationalizing Information Governance requires a multi-dimensional approach: engaging senior management and the leadership of control, IT, and business functions; formulating an enterprise-wide operating model that considers Regulatory Intelligence, Governance, Information Governance Technology, and Data Identification and Retrieval; and establishing clear organizational capabilities and responsibilities.

Our structured approach expedites Assessment of capabilities and development of effective Solutions, to drive sustainable Performance.

using our proprietary IG Operating Framework

Identify the critical operating capability gaps with diagnostic Scorecards, including Capabilities Benchmark, Baseline IG Risk Profile, Target IG Risk Profile

based on our deep
operating expertise

Close the capability gaps with an Implementation Strategy, including whether to “Build” or “Buy” and a Blueprint that details changes in Governance, People, Process, and Technology

through our “Information Management as A Service” offering

Our IMaaS resources provide IG Regulatory Intelligence, Governance, and Assurance expertise and operations as an external Solution, ensuring sustainable performance and avoiding internal resources and infrastructure.


We use our proprietary IG Operating Framework to efficiently assess the specific operating capabilities and communications required to meet the client’s chosen IG Risk and Business Objectives.

Diagnostic Scorecards measure IG capability maturity and help management determine the desired level of IG performance (and risk) to meet and maintain.

  • Capabilities Benchmark
  • Baseline IG Profile
  • Target IG Profile


Our Solutions design and delivery closes the IG capability gaps with an Implementation Strategy

  • Build” or “Buy” Decision
    • Internal Development
    • IMaaS
  • A “Blueprint” of detailed changes in People, Process, Governance, and Technology
  • “Program Management” to deliver the internal and external (“IMaaS”) capabilities


Our Information Management as a Service expertise and resources enable firms to maintain their IG Risk and Business Objectives by implementing the necessary capabilities without building resources and operations

  • Policy Development and Application
  • Information Governance Operations
  • Compliance Assurance