What We Do

Risk Reduction and
Operational Improvement

Our goal is to help companies address their significant and increasing Information Governance risks and objectives. We have a “track record” of delivering Information Governance Objectives for major banks, financial services companies, and others.

Records Management

Assure the management of information in all formats, from creation or receipt to final disposal, in order to meet retention, archiving, disposal, or other legal or regulatory requirements.

Data Privacy and Protection

Collect, use, safeguard, and share “personal data” in compliance with the requirements of privacy laws and regulations (such as GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act).

Regulatory, Litigation, and Consumer Responsiveness

Respond effectively to courts and regulators requesting information (improved eDiscovery), and to consumers exercising their Data Subject Rights.

Acquisitions, Divestiture, and Contractual Compliance

Retain,transfer and dispose information to meet contractual and regulatory obligations and government oversight.

Information Security

Safeguard critical information by incorporating Identity and Access Management and Data Loss Prevention considerations into Information Governance solutions.

Operational Efficiency

Implement “enterprise solutions” to enable Information Governance requirements and reduce operational complexity and costs, including archiving technology and migration to cloud infrastructure.

Information Governance Resources

Get strategic and operational advice that reflects our experience developing and operationalizing Information Governance programs in the world’s most challenging regulatory environments.

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